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Jeff Lally is an estate planning attorney in Hingham, MA. Mr. Lally also provides estate planning services throughout Massachusetts by meeting with clients ONLINE.

"Attorney Jeff Lally and the team at The Hub Law Group are fantastic. They were able to explain estate planning to me in an easy and simple manner. They gave me the information I needed to make the best decisions for myself and my family. Most importantly, the knowledge I needed to keep my family out of probate court after I’m gone."

After my divorce, Jeff Lally was exceptionally helpful when it came time to showing me what would be most helpful in planning for my estate.  In what can be a very confusing experience, Jeff walked me through step by step the entire process so my family will be prepared for the inevitable.

As a business owner, I spend all day focusing on my company. It never occurred to my, but after talking to Jeff, I realized that some of my focus should be on my personal estate. Jeff showed me what precautions I needed to take, in order to assure a seamless transition of my business assets as well as my personal belongings.

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